Title Design Introduction (MY TOWN)
Date 2021-02-24

“Come to play on Dwinguler My Town!”

We are introducing THE BEST OF THE BEST design which is famous and highly satisfactory among our high-quality and eco-friendly Dwinguler kids playmat.

My town is steadily loved design since it is been launched long ago,

Kids can play with cars on the road in front side, and also, the back side design can be a good interior point in your kids room.

Also the design can provide good play area from new born babies up to 5~6 years old kids who can play with toys.

In My Town, you can find many things you can see in your town such as railway, road, school, park, farm, playground and so on, so kids can have fun time with their toy car or their dolls.

These days, modern and simple patterned designed mats are getting more and more popular,

but actually for kids, the colorful design have positive effect on sensory development of our kids.

My town has every reason for being THE BEST OF THE BEST!